Travel to Jeddah – Enjoy Your Hajj

Hajj Packages are a great way for families to enjoy their Hajj this year. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the hijra or Hajj, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. Business offers the cheapest Hajj Packages at the Hajja Market. EZ Hajjar Groups is an official authorized Hajjar company with the International Hajjar Organization and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a member of the IHRA, this Hajja company has been authorized by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Saudi Arabia Premier Hajj.

Business has a variety of packages to meet every family’s needs for Hajji and Umrah this year. EZ Hajjar Group provides a wide range of Hajji packages. Families will have a diverse selection to choose from. Business offers their Hajji Packages starting at three thousand dollars, and all inclusive packages starting at seven thousand dollars, with unlimited food and drinks included.

The packages include food, transportation, accommodation and special activities for children during their Hajji journey. Children will also participate in some of the traditional Hajji rituals. Children will be given Hajji outfits to wear, and guided through the Hajja ritual bath. Business offers packages that include a special cake for the child’s Eid, and a special Eid party complete with special games and snacks for the celebration.

In addition, the EZ Hajjar Group also offers educational packages for children. These educational packages are great for those who have questions about the Hajji and Umrah rituals and traditions. The Educational packages may include lectures by Sheikh Al-Azhar imam, Sheikh Shawki ibn Nabeel Al-Qurtubee, and Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Talaat Al-Jinni, an Islamic scholar Hajj Packages.

EZ also offers a variety of cultural experiences that families can enjoy while they are in Jeddah. During their stay in Jeddah, families can enjoy a trip to the Grand Mosque. This visit is the best time to learn more about the religion of Islam. Also, families can learn more about the traditions of Islam through a visit to the Masjid al-Nabawiya mosque, where the Ka’ba or Holy Mosque once stood. Other cultural activities include camel riding, shopping, and visiting the Al-Balad Palace, which is considered the oldest part of the city of Jeddah.

Business will have different packages available depending on the time of year you travel to Jeddah. The majority of Hajj Packages will be available from November to March, but some packages may be available even later in the year. Families will find that EZ offers travel packages that include a trip to the Grand Mosque, and to all major places of interest in Jeddah, as well as a visit to the Al-Risalah Mosque and the Jannah (paradise). Business also has packages that include tours to the famous Souq Al-Dhanan mosque in Jeddah.

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